We live in a digital world... a world full of email correspondence and online invitations.

At Jupiter and Juno, we're a couple of Millenials trying to bring back the romance of the written word. And by written, we mean with a pen.

If you want to make an impact with your guests, your clients, or your loved ones, there is no comparison to letterpress.


Letterpress printing is...

  • Classic, timeless, and beautiful: We bet your grandma knows about letterpress. (She probably doesn't know anything about your laser printer.)
  • An antique process: Our first press was built in 1880. Yes, that's an 18.
  • Labor intensive: Each piece is in our hands several times and is visually inspected before leaving our shop.

Letterpress printing isn't...

  • Perfect: Each piece will have its own personality and variances, due to the way our equipment works.
  • Quick: We need time to set up your design and then print each one. When working with one of a kind, unique pieces, mass production is not possible.


Our company goal is to get letterpress in the hands of the masses. Because letterpress is labor intensive, it is traditionally very expensive. However, our shop features several levels of standard designs that are pleasing to your pocketbook and still have the huge impact that you seek. We also do custom work and have designers on staff. So, whatever your budget, we have a letterpress solution for you.